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East Coast vs West Coast IPA’s

The Celtics vs Lakers, Tupac vs Biggie, New York vs LA, these are just some of the battles between our nations 2 great coasts. Of course this rivalry has also taken into the beer world and especially in the IPA realm. With the East Coast rooted in more traditional English styles and the West Coast so close to the hop mecca’s in Oregon and Washington, some times these two coast’s IPA’s seems completely different. Why is that? Which IPA’s are better?

Come explore and learn about what makes each IPA unique to each coast, but yet still fall under the category of IPA. Together we will taste brews from breweries such as Stone, Dogfish Head, Bear Republic, Victory, and a couple surprises.

Event Details

When: April 28th 2011
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Upstairs of the Hulmeville Inn
Price: $30.00

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Recent Past Classes

Introduction to Sour Beers

Intro to Sour Beers

In our Beer Schooled survey, we asked everyone what kind of classes they would want to see us teach. The overwhelming majority stated Sour Beer Class. We’ve listened and have just the class for you. We also have a very special guest instructor.

Nicole Erny of the Cicerone Program and Brewing Network fame will be coming to the area to moderate a Philadelphia Cicerone Exam on April 5th (Sign up for that here). We’ve convinced Nicole to stay a little longer and teach a class on sour beers. Explore the tastes of fermentation from the world of wild yeast. Even though sour beers have been around for hundreds of years, they are finally getting noticed in the USA. Sour beers are tart and refreshing but yet complex like a wine. Learn all about the varieties of sour ales, Fruit Lambics, Flanders Reds, Pale Ales, and Gueuze are some of the varieties this class will be touching on.

About Nicole Erny
Nicole is a Certified Cicerone TM, the beer world’s equivalent to sommelier. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nicole stands out in her field as one of the youngest and one of few female Cicerones. She has specialization in Belgian and West Coast American beer, but is fascinated by beer emerging from Italy and Scandinavia. Though she loves the sensory analysis aspect of beer, her favorite activity is connecting people with beer that they can enjoy!

Event Details

When: April 5th 2011
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Upstairs of the Hulmeville Inn
Price: $38.00

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