Welcome to Beer Schooled

Beer Schooled is dedicated to the enlightenment, entertainment and education of craft beer lovers. Whether you are newly into craft beer or a beer geek champion, we have beer classes just for you. Come get schooled on beer styles and the brewing process.

Craft Beer Classes

Are you into craft beer and want to learn more? Have you ever wanted to learn about the brewing process and what it takes to get beer from a grain into a delicious drink? Beer Schooled is here to help in your quest for beer geekdom. We offer craft beer classes for beginners to the more advanced beer geeks and offer tastings of craft beers from around the world.

Home Brewing Classes

Home brewing beer is quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies and why not. It is affordable, a lot of fun, and your reward is great craft beer. Beer you crafted. Beer Schooled introductory home brewing classes are designed to teach students just getting into the hobby and arm them with the information they need to start creating delicious craft beers. Our advanced classes are designed to help home brewers reach the next level.

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